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We will be closing from Monday 25th July to Sunday 7th August 2022 for annual holidays.

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Salad Selection

Scrumptuous salads as a meal or to share.

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Menu Details:


€13.50 for 1kg.

Extras included:

All our salads are packed with fresh crunchiness.

Dietery Guide:

GF = Gluten Free

V = Vegan


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Menu Options:

  • Cucumber and dill salad. (GF, V)
  • Pea, feta, and soya bean salad. (GF)
  • Chinese salad.
    Noodles, julienne vegetables in a Chinese dressing.
  • Potato salads:
    Traditional Potato salad (GF) / Potato and bean salad with bacon (GF) / New potato salad with dill.
  • Wholewheat pasta salad.
    With pesto, parmesan & sundried tomatoes.
  • Greek pasta salad.
  • Coleslaw.
  • Chickpea pepper & Chorizo salad. (GF)
  • Chickpea & harissa salad. (GF, V)
  • Curried rice salad.
  • Couscous salads:
    Roast vegetable couscous salad / Couscous, feta and almond salad
  • Bulgar wheat salad.
    Cracked wheat, mint, parsley & lemon juice & almonds.
  • Carrot, orange, raisin and cumin salad. (GF, V)
  • Carrot, toasted coconut, lime & honey cumin salad. (GF, V)
  • Mixed leaf and herb salad vinaigrette. (GF)
  • Broccoli, feta, cherry tomato and hazelnut salad. (GF)
  • Bean salad. (GF)
    With garlic, mustard and olive oil dressing 
  • Curried Quinoa. (GF)
  • Beetroot salad. (GF)
  • Puy, lentil & feta salad. (GF)
  • Roast butternut squash salad. (GF)
    With chilli and rocket



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